Interesting Things

By Ray L. Bellande

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The Death of Marie H. Bellande and Forced Heirship

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The untimely death of Marie Harvey Bellande at the age of 54 years on March 17, 1894, was the catalyst for the migration of the family from the Reynoir Street homestead.  She was buried at the Old Biloxi Cemetery in the Bellande family plot.


1906 dilemma

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Joseph Arbeau Bellande (1868-1961)

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Arbo Bellande (1868-1961)


The Depot Saloon and General Merchandising

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With his matrimonial predicament in the past, Arbeau Bellande continued in his social life and successful saloon business near the depot.  Several articles appeared in The Biloxi Herald of 1892, 1893 and 1894 concerning his affairs:  The old Bellande building near the depot has been torn down and the foundation is being laid for a new two-story edifice.



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Joseph A. Bellande and family circa 1940 at NOLA?

Antoine Victor Bellande, Jr. (1869-1924)

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Antoine V. Bellande Jr. (1869-1924) was known as Newt.  In later years he signed official documents using Newton rather than Victor as his middle name.  Newt was born at Back Bay on Harvey Hill the 10th day of October 1869.  Newt Bellande was a bon vivant.  He appears to have led a carefree bachelor life.  His chosen occupation was bartender.  He probably learned this trade from his older brother, Arbo, at the Depot Saloon. 


Bubby Bellande*

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Bubby Bellande, a Negro, appeared before Justice of the Peace Z.T. Champlin under a charge of assault upon a Negress and was fined $2.50 and costs.  Bellande related that he gave the woman a whipping because she cursed him.(The Daily HeraldOctober 18, 1910, p. 8) 

            *One for future research!

Pierre Bellande (1871-1933)

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Peter Bellande


The In-laws: Raymond and Celine Caillavet

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Raymond Caillavet and Celina Joucheray