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Juanico Family

Christoper and Mary A. Juanico burial marker-Biloxi Cemetery


Christopher Juanico (1852-1926) was an 1878 Spanish immigrant.  He married Mary Aligrate (1861-1925), daughter of Joseph Aligrate and Mary Jordan.  Their children were : Christopher Juanico (1885-1942) m. Henrietta ?; Miguel Paul Juanico (1888-1949) m. Georgine A. Desporte (1894-1979); Mary Ellen Juanico (1892-1942+) m. Walter Planas (1891-1940+); and Joseph Juanico (1895-1965) m. Della Norton and Ida Mae Mabry (1901-1933).

In 1900, the Juanico family lived at 238 Delauney Street near the George E, Ohr Pottery.  Christopher made his livelihood as a bartender and barroom  proprietor.  By 1920, the Juanicos had relocated to 312 Copp Street.


Mary A. Juanico died at Biloxi on April 6, 1925 while a resident of 412 Copp Street.  She was survivied by her spouse; three sons, Christopher Juanico of New Orleans, Joseph Juanico and Miguel Juanico of Biloxi; and a daughter, Ellen Planas, of New Orleans; three sisters, Mrs. Frances Cunni, Mrs. Johanna sentell, and Mrs. William Knox, all of Biloxi.  Services were held at Nativity BVM Catholic Church with internment in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, April 6, 1925, p. 3)



Christopher Juanico

Christopher Juanico (1885-1942) left Biloxi before 1918 and relocated to New Orleans.  Here he worked as a motorman for the

Miguel P. Juanico

Miguel Paul Juanico  (1888-1949) married Georgina Antonia Desporte (1894-1979) in Harrison County, Mississippi on March 10, 1910.  They were the parents of: Chester J. Juanico (1911-1969) m. May Baker  (1915-2006) and George Christopher Juanico (1914-1969) m. Emily Lowd (1919-2001).  The family resided at 1007 Lee Street in Biloxi where Miguel made his livelihood as a painter.  he was also the business manager for Painters Local No. 107 AFL.  Miguel died at the Biloxi Hospital on January 12, 1949 after being stricken with a heart attack at the Park Hotel.  He was survivied by his spouse; sons, Chester J. Juanico and George C. Juanico; brother, Joseph Juanico of Biloxi; a sister, Mrs. Walter Planas of NOLA; and four grandchildren.  His remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery under the auspices of the Bradford Funeral Home of Biloxi.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 21, p. 443 and The Daily Herald, January 13, 1949, p. 6)

After the death of her spouse, Georgina A. Juanico married Walter Joseph Hahn Jr. in Harrison County, Mississippi.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 90, p. 73)


Chester J. Juanico

Chester Joseph Juanico (1911-1969) was born at Biloxi on Augsut 6, 1911.  He graduated from Biloxi High School in 1930 where he excelled in athletics.  Chester married May Baker  (1915-2006).  They were the parents of three children: Jerry S. Juanico (1935-1985) m.  Annie Laura Waites; June Juanico m. Fabian Taranto; and Mona Lisa Juanico.

Chester J. Juanico left Biloxi with his family in the 1930s and became employed with the Masonite Corpotation at its plant in Laurel, Mississippi.  Here he played baseball with the Masonite team. In late March 1937, he signed with Meridian, a member of the Southeastern Baseball League .  Earlier in his career,  Juanico had played in the New Orleans Winter League and his team won the championship in 1935-1936 seasons.(The Daily Herald, March 31, 1937)

Chester J. Juanico married Tommy Jeanette Glisson in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 15, 1951.(

George C. Juanico

George Christopher Juanico (1914-1969) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on January 24, 1914.  On September 11, 1938, he married Emily Lowd (1919-2006), the daughter of Shelton and Leona Stanovich, in Harrison County, Mississippi.  They were the parents of  two children: Jerrlyn Juanico (b. 1939) m. LeRay Delaney Gill Sr.(1936-1988) and George C. Juanico Jr. (b. 1942) m. Diane O'Neal and Kathleen Michelle Eide.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 49, p. 168)

George C. Juanico had operated the Coast Novelty Company, a local amusement machine business,  since 1933.  He expired at 912 West Bayview on August 15, 1969.  His corporal remains were interred at Southern Memorial Park.(The Daily Herald, August 16, 1969, p. 2) 

Emily Lowd Juanico, 82, died Saturday, Nov. 24, 2001, in Biloxi was born in Biloxi and was a graduate of Biloxi High School where she played basketball on the girls team, which won the state championship six years in a row. She participated in other varsity sports at Biloxi High and was inducted into the Biloxi Sports Hall of Fame. She was a member of First United Methodist Church of Biloxi.

She was preceded in death by her husband, George C. Juanico Sr.; her parents, Shelton and Leona Stanovich Lowd; two sisters, Ethel Ashley and Marguerite Slay; and a grandson, LeRay D. Gill Jr. (1959-1998) m. Tammy Renee Taranto.(The Sun Herald, December 17, 1998, p. A9)

Survivors include a daughter, Jerrlyn Gill of Biloxi; a son, George C. Juanico Jr. of Biloxi; a sister, Sis Keifer of Port Herring, Mich.; her longtime companion, Ervin Bellais of Biloxi; six grandchildren; and 13 great-grandchildren.  Services will be at 2 p.m. Monday at Howard Avenue Chapel of Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Homes in Biloxi where friends may call one hour before service time. Burial will be in Southern Memorial Park.(The Sun Herald, November 25, 2001, p. A10)

Georgette Juanico Acevedo (1962-2013)

Georgette Anne Juanico (1962-2013) was born January 17, 1962 to George C. Juanico Jr. (b. 1942) and Diane O'Neal (b. 1943), the daughter of Pat B. O'Neal (1924-1991) and Dorothy 'Dot' Boudwin (1925-2001)  . She married Robert Sheldon Breal Jr (1981) and John Sebastian Acevedo (1984).  Children: Jamie; Elizabeth; Sebastian; John; Joseph; and Christian.  Georgette passed on November 22, 2013 with internment in Southern Memorial Park.(The Sun Herald, November 26, 2013, p. A6)

Mary Ellen Juanico

Mary Ellen Juanico (1892-1942+), called Ellen,  was born  at Biloxi, Mississippi.  She married Walter Planas at the Church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary on September 18, 1919.  Walter Planas made his livelihood operating a pile driver and they lived 1701 Encampment Street and 3008 St. John in the Crescent City.  Mary Ellen and Walter were the parents of three childre: Clara Planas (b. 1923); Walter Planas Jr. (1925-1994); and Marie Planas (b. 1027).(1940 Orleans Parish, Lousiana Federal Census T627_1424, p. 12B, ED 26-188)

Joseph Juanico

Joseph ‘Buck’ Juanico (1895-1965) was born married Della Norton in Harrison County, Mississippi on July 11, 1916.  They were the parents of Mary Enarise Juanico.(1917-1979).

It appears that their marriage ended in divorce and he then wedded Ida Mae Mabry (1901-1933), daughter of John T. Mabry and Mary Thornhill.



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